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GRapps Israel Office - HQ

GRapps is based in Israel, The Israeli office is focused on – Product management, projects management methodologies,  client success management, technology “know how”, product specification & UX design, and on going business development. We serve clients from all over the world, whether it’s an agency, startup or a single entrepreneur, we will focus on your goals and guide you to success.

GRapps Ukraine Office - Development center

GRapps Ukraine in focused on development: Android apps development, iOS native applications, web apps, mobile friendly websites and Hybrid apps. Each of our experts is recruited by our professional HR department with the highest standard in the mobile industry. we have in house training programs to make sure each employee will reach his full potentials and his personal goals for his personal success.


Meet the team

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Gal Moskovich Image, GRapps Israel CEO
Co-founder & CEO - Tech & Business
Gal Moskovich

Gal Moskovich founded GRapps in 2013 with a vision to create awesome software. Gal graduated with a degree in B.Sc. Computer Science and Mathematics and specialized academic research, Focusing on GPS systems and navigation systems.

Roee Raz Image, GRapps CEO
Co-founder & ex-CEO - Clients & Business
Roee Raz

Roee graduated with a degree in B.Sc Industrial Engineering and Management, Specializing in information systems. In 2013 Roee joined a Start-Up called DauUp as a Campaign Manager analyst, in this position he acquired expertise in the filed of advertising and especially in user acquisition for mobile Apps in Facebook & Google.

Jhonatan Cohen Image, GRapps Israel CTO
Co-founder & ex-CTO
Jhonny Cohen

Jhonatan Joined GRapps to integrate between the web world to the mobile apps world, Offering Server side solutions for mobile apps, and web apps integration with mobile apps. Jhonatan graduated with a degree in B.Sc Electronics Engineering, Specializing in Programing and Image Processing.

Dror Avital Image, GRapps Israel Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager
Dror Avital

Dror joined us as adviser in the business development department. He bring knowledge from different specialized field, He is the CEO of Khan Academy Israel, Not for profit organisation, And involved in a lot of social and business projects.

Daniel Iluz image, GRapps israel Mobile Apps Project manager
Project Manager
Daniel Iluz

From the sub to the top. Both Gal and Daniel served together in the deep blue ocean in the submarine unit, bringing the spirit of a team. Daniel learned Computer Science and Management at the Open University of Israel, and planning to be a commercial pilot one day.

Alon Cohen Image, GRapps Israel UX Expert
Product Manager & UX Designer
Alon Cohen

As a child I started developing software for fun, for example, independent bots for online games or managing software for small hotel and so on.
My interests was the front-end developing, as I was focused on the interface and the visually of the programs.

Team Dummy Image
General Manager
Tatiana Pogrebetskaya

Tatiana came from the software development world, running her own development company with background in managing large dev teams. Today Tatiana is in charge of managing the Ukraine office with strong knowledge in negotiation, teams management, developers recruitment and building training programs.

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