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You can build your Alpha Team, with skilled developers, that are working with the most cutting edge technologies and frameworks, scale your team as needed. All of your developers will work side by side, from our Dev Center located in Europe. We will take care of everything, office equipment, contracts, administrative management and employees happiness. So you could run faster and focus on your product, your goals, and the success of your company.

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Our Services

Get the benefits of working remote developers and still have a full-time Alpha team that is working, under one roof.

Recruitment Services

We will recruit for you the best developers based on your needs and requirements. Bringing you a wide range of specialists from the IT industry.

Simple Contract

Being the legal employer, we will be responsible for all of the administrative and legal aspects of the employment of the developers.

Dev Centers

All of your Alpha team will seat, side by side, in our dev centers across Europe. So you will have a centralized team that work efficiently and share knowledge.

Reduce Costs

Save time and money on recruitment, management and employment costs, We got you covered.

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About GRapps

GRapps is a Web apps & Mobile apps development company located in Israel.
We are an agile driven mobile apps dev company providing elite solutions & consulting for mobile markets. In the last few years, we started building dev teams for clients that have finished their product development and were in need for active maintenance, from this process grew the concept of “Alpha Teams”, building offshore dedicated teams of remote developers ,that physically sits in our dev center in Europe. We provide this service to help entrapanours, startups and enterprises to achieve their goals and move them towards their vision faster.