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About GRapps

GRapps is a Web & Mobile Apps Development Company, founded in 2013.
We are an agile driven Web & Mobile application experts with a great love to Lean StartUp methodology.

GRapps philosophy about client service is not just doing a great work at a fair price, this is our standard.
Exceptional client service is about holding your hand and guiding you on every step along the way, to get to know you better, understand your needs and meet your goals, but most important – We’ll make you enjoy the process and smile all the way.

As a specialized mobile development company that does work for start-ups, agencies, and established companies across diverse industries, we made sure our development team is able to cover every possible requirement and produce remarkable results.

We believe that our responsibility is to take care and examine every aspect of your product, from specification, UX & UI, development, uploading your App to the stores and even consulting about your user acquisition plan and your product’s monetization, all this should give you the peace of mind you need to focus on other aspects of your StartUp.


Mobile Apps

GRapps app dev team’s wide range skill set allows us to expertly tailor you with the best product based on your needs. Whether it’s an android native app development, iOS native app or Hybrid App, we can taylor made you with the best App Development process, to get your dream come true.
Our knowledge in apps and web technologies especially focusing on mobile technologies help us to provide you with the best solution in guiding you to success. We help all of our clients launch the best apps & websites possible, while delivering them with the best practices in development process. we stay tuned to the industry and follow the best practices used by the best app development companies.

Fingers on tablet shows mobile apps development features like chat apps security apps and music apps

Web Apps

GRapps is a app development company, but you can’t have a really good app if you don’t have a good server to serve the application. most of the mobile apps can’t exist without a server, also most of the mobile apps needs also a website for the app, maybe even a Web App that support the application (and it should must be a responsive website and SEO friendly website).
This is exactly why we also focus on web technologies, because as we see it mobile apps will always need a solid web technology behind them.

This is exactly why we have dedicated teams that eat, live, breathes web technologies, whether it’s a server for an application, web app, responsive website or full pledged CMS, we have the knowledge to guide you to right choice based on your needs.

We specialize in API integrations, Web Apps, e-commerce solutions, responsive websites using php (Yii2, Laravel, WordPress), AngularJS, .NET (MVC 5). All of the website we build are responsive websites, SEO Friendly websites, Support accessibility with a lot of thinking and planing for a good UX.

Responsive website development sketch - mobile and tablet devices


In GRapps We start by thinking about a project’s goals in context of the big picture—your users in the broader scheme of the tools they use on a daily basis. Then, we imagine what a product would look like if there were no constraints. What would the ultimate version of your product look like?

From there, we select the best ideas, identify what’s practical, given the current version and timeline, and iterate until we arrive at the best possible product, giving your users a positive experience.

App user-interface/user-experience (UI/UX) design typically begins with creating annotated wire frames (outline drawings) of the individual screens, than we design an app prototype (using Axure). This app prototype captures the app’s information architecture and presents the main use cases  – the expected functionality of each screen and how the screens flow together.

From there, GRapps’s designers move into visual design and turn the app prototype and wire frames into gorgeous mockups which show you exactly what the final screens will look like.

Sketch of apps ideas, creative thoughts and other symbols

Agile Development

Agile development is a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
Agile development promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages agile and flexible response to change.

How do we implements Agile principles in our Web & Mobile apps projects?

We are managing our projects in a dedicated projects management tool which gives us the flexibility to plan and adopt any agile practice, whether it be scrum, kanban, or a mixed methodology. We create and estimate stories, build the project’s backlog, measure our agile team velocity, and report to our clients on a weekly basis about project’s progress in a full transparency.

Agile mobile development sketch - docs, gears and data

Recent Work

Take a taste of our latest projects. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

Our Clients

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